Sunday, March 6, 2016

KT Creators Festival
March 5th ~ March 12th

The Creators Festival is attracting a huge array of SL's top designers all in one location with fashion shows, stalls, gatcha, auctions, entertainment and more.

The event is to raise funds for the completion of the KTN HUD and any excess will be sent to the Tibetan Education Fund.

Background and details regarding KTN HUD
After many requests for the ability to download textures from the web rather than through SL (better quality due to eliminating one SL compression upon upload as well as avoiding the need to unpack a box, then d/load to pc one by one etc) I have created a website, which, all going well will be active in mid to late February. This has been paid for entirely from my own pocket.

I endeavour to purchase the majority of my wardrobe needs from members of my group but shopping trips consisted mostly of combing through profiles and picks to locate store landmarks. So, when discussing this with my SL husband, MItch, one day, he presented the idea of a HUD with tp links to all the stores. 

This idea grew to beyond a 'directory' of stores; now there will also be a tab for Events such as hunts, fairs, parties etc and another for Sales. For a small listing fee of 100L, businesses will be able to list their events or sales along with a link to a webpage with basic information regarding that event or sale and a tp link to the event or sales location itself. The 100L fee will not even begin to cover the cost of server hosting etc but is intended to prevent larger stores or businesses with larger locations 'monopolising' the HUD resulting in smaller start ups feeling dwarfed or by users needing to click through multiple pages of the same store listing with multiple listings. Listings in the store directory will be free from any charge.

Now... the website is connected to the HUD for several reasons. 
1). A database is required to store the information which will be shown in the HUD and to then communicate this information to the HUD at regular intervals so that the HUD is always dynamic and up to date. If this were not happening, every time there was a new entry to the HUD or a sale / event finished then new HUDS would need to be dispatched to users. Needless to say this would render the HUD totally annoying and useless.

2). Using a website will enable users to create their own entries for events and sales, set a start and end date and provide images or detailed information. This means that this information will be fed immediately to the HUD and not delayed by needing someone to receive a notecard, log in and create the entry etc with potential delays of hours or even up to a day.

3). The HUD could not contain more than basic information about a business, event or sale (such as name, tp link etc). So to provide this extra information a link to a website is the best option and will enable stores to show images of hunt items, links to blog pages, or sales, hunt, event pages etc. 

Why are we fundraising for the KTN HUD?
I had paid for a website to be developed last year and it was running successfully for a couple of months. We were literally 2 or 3 days away from the launch of the KTN HUD - all paid for etc. But the developer who also hosted my data, had an unfortunate accident in RL and was hospitalised for several weeks. While in hospital, his internet and servers were disconnected. When he was released from hospital he reassured me that this would be rectified as soon as possible. Weeks went by with dwindling contact from him until he totally vanished and I have been unable to get a response from him via SL, Skype, Whatsapp, telephone, SMS or any other method i had available.
My only option was to start again. All funds for the website have been provided by me personally and 75% of phase 2 of the  project, (the KTN HUD) has also been paid for by myself. The quote for development coming in at $250 USD higher than i had anticipated was a bitter disappointment at first as it seemed as if I had progressed so far just to fall short for less than 10% of what had been invested to that point.KT Group volunteered to contribute and donate to help bridge the gap and that is what is happening now as I prefer that if I am going to accept donations then the donors should get something in return.

Tibetan Education Fund
Tibetan Education Fund (TEF) is a very small group of about a dozen people (including myself) who have raised funds in and around our local area in Queensland with a view to bettering the lives of children and underprivileged in an impoverished region of Tibet. I could ramble on for hours so best find the info here: (

Any questions or issues, Please contact Kushi Vyper

Take a look at our awesome participants! Listed are some of the Exclusives and Hunt items! 

A huge Thank You to Kushi & Mitch for  all of their hard work to get this together! 
I have had a blast helping to organize and set up the Festival! Thank you to all the Staff, Sponsors, Merchants, & Customers! It takes all of us to make this work.

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