Tuesday, November 4, 2014

                         IT's finally here! The Winter Love 0L Hunt starts today November 5th!


HINT: In the "New" area, you can find lots of goodys! (Female)

HINT: Just hangin in the corner, like a spider! (Male)

Hint:  Grandfather Dench has dropped his heart.

Hint:Winter loves a cozy fire

Hint: Just another Brick In The Wall


 Hint: Find where the angel sits

Men's Hint: As I set to watch the snow go by, the little prizes has just caught my eye.

 Hope everyone had a blast finding gifts!


  1. Good luck on your foray into the world of hunt organizing -- SL needs some fresh blood to shake up some of the long-time organizers that have gotten too lazy to even post previews! Judging from the what I see from the prizes and the way you have organized, I'm sure it will be the first of many successes.

    1. Thank you Kaycee for your kind words! Enjoy the hunt and many more to come! I am still learning a lot as I go! :)