Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hello everyone! I want to let you know about Perfect Seduction's new and exciting upcoming events!
Gazebos On Ice hopes to be open by November 15th! I will keep you posted on the day! Gazebos On Ice is the perfect Winter Wonderland setting featuring beautiful Gazebos to rent and sell the items from your store! We have hot chocolate, snow, ice skates, snow angel animations, Gacha machines, plus many more things to see and do! Don't forget to wear your warmest coats and say Hi to Ice the baby Penguin while you are there. :)
*Rental fees are listed in the picture above! Message KamieK Resident for more info or to reserve your Gazebo today!  
Another new event we have starting soon is Thirty & Flirty Thursdays! Our participating stores will feature one item every Thursday for 30Ls. What's not to love about an awesome item for 30Ls? Keep watching the blog for more info and join the group as well! If you have a store and would like to participate in T&FT please message KamieK Resident to apply!
Hope everyone has had a great weekend! See ya'll soon!

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