Sunday, March 20, 2016

No Eggscuses Easter Is Comin! Hunt 
1L Find OR 25L Buy
(Same item in both!)
March 20th ~ April 16

Don't just sweep me under the rug!

Slink Or Omega?

I could hide better, if I was Camo.....

Hint: Where will the bunny hop to? Up or Down? 

Hint: Shouldn't all Fae be down to Earth

Hint: Fly away on butterfly wings

Hint: I do love Gift Card Voucher!

Hint: I do believe in fairies.

Hint: Behind the desk!!

Hint: Today's Sale Item is beneath me

Male Do i hear a phone ringing
Female Check your emails

Hint: Take a seat

Hint: : I was higher than my brothers and sisters, but I'm just as Oval

Hint: Group Gift

 Fifty is Nifty

Hint: Hippity Hop!

#15 Glint

Hint: This is where the music comes from.

Hint: What a lovely zoo is this!!!

Hint:  Is it sleepy time already?

Hint: Easter ALWAYS has pink and yellow in it, just like these.

#19 JK Style

Hint:  check out our easter eggs over some coffee.

Hint: Say it three times: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Hint: "Is this tree even real?"

Hint: Puppy Love

Hint: Sometimes things are right under your nose!

Hint: "Take a look at the  Rosengarten gift"

Hint:  Yawns, it's getting really LATE.

Hint: the world

Hint: Mmmm cookies!

#28 Tipster's
Hint: I love spring... Easter bunnies, flowers and butterflies

Hint: If your gift card is low.. you can add more here....

Please Check Back

Am I Online?


Hint:  I like to grow.

Hint: Who knew Aphrodite would be here on easter, maybe she just likes the lilies?

#35 Grumble

Hint: I'm all ears!

Hint: Spring break? Gotta head for Florida!

Hint: We can catch some sun... near the White Tiger!

Please Check Back

Hint: "Just hanging up here & watching you down in that chair" 

Please Check Back

Check Back Later

Hint: You need to look high and low because you never know where the bunny may go. 

$43 Carrie's

Hint: Spring blossoms into pretty petals everywhere! 

Hint: Do we have an Eggcelent gift for you. There's a Secret Sale where I items are 60L$ - but only on the weekend then they become 99L$ Either way they are on the same wall.  There your gift is not too small. 

If I stay very still I should blend right in... or someone might stick a tire on me... not sure which.

Thank you to all of our Merchants and our Customers! Be nice and as always have fun!