Thursday, November 19, 2015

Santa's Wish List "Naughty Or Nice" Hunt
November 20th - December 15th
1L Find It or 25L Buy It!

(Male & Female)

What, We joined a new Sale Group?

Fighting tooth & "Nail"!

Hint: Special Thursdays

Skip: Dropped Out Of Hunt

Hint: "Count with me 1..2..3.."

Hint:  I'm keeping this one under my hat!

#6 Trashed

I'll sit up on here and gain some perspective, oh my......that tree sure is reflective.

Hint: Do you have a flair for INTERIOR design?

Hint : left side where the shoes are

Hint: "Trees!"

Hint.... Carrots are not just for snowmen

#11 Facepalm

Hint: I think Santa hid this one behind a tombstone!

Hint: Feeling Lucky? Come into my humble wagon and see!

Hint:  Baby Talk 

I'm such a Rebel!

Hint  They dance round and round!

Hint:  Every Rose Has It's Thorns

Please Check Back

#18 Grumble

No Image
Hint: Tiki Time

(2 Stops)

 "Under the stairs in the new place!"

 "Santa dropped me on the roof."

hunt  :   Bright, colorful balls, filled up our gift

No Image 
Hint: Christmas in Music

Will reopen November 25th

No Image
Hint:  Check out those demO's

#24 Prevail

Hint:  Roses are red, violets are blue.. no wait.. Blue Roses

#25 .Echo.

Hint: Got to love the view 

#26 PeKaS
(Male & Female)

Hint: Up or down, idk what i was doing

See Hint Above

#27 JK Style

Check Back Please!

Hint: Hint Giver near store entrance

#29 Elegance
1L Option Only!!! 

No Image
Hint: Tyger Tyger, burning bright, 
    In the forests of the night; 
    What immortal hand or eye, 
    Could frame thy fearful symmetry? 

If you cant do the crime.... RUN!!!!!

Hint: I wish he'd brought some rum instead :/

Hint: are you feeling lucky?

Thank you to all of our wonderful Merchants and our awesome Hunters! :) 
Be nice and as always have fun!

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