Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Key To My Heart Hunt
January 20th thru February 16th

Hint: I wonder if this key goes to the Lucky Chair.

Hint: The key to my heart are these boxers!

Hint: Wow This light sure is bright!

Appliers are somewhere around here

Hint: Find me around NEW

(2 Stops)

This key should fit in something around here!

                            Dragonsworn Stores                            
Hint: Hiding UP HIGH! You can't find me!

Hint: Male -- Can you see me burning away, on this candle
       Female -- I'm trying to grow, like this plant

I swear I had my keys last when I was sitting at the table 

Hint:  Find the G-Spot

Hint:  Oh that's bright!

No Image
Hint:  Queen of Hearts

Hint: The Key to my Eccentric heart is near where we like to play! And sometimes we can get rare things!

Hint: I am not your ordinary butler

No Image
Hint: Love...

Hint: Social Media is the new 'Dating"

I can´t say it enough, I Love You !

#15 RSDC Labs
Check Back Later Please

Hint: Let's take a romantic date out. 

Hint: The woods are lovely dark and deep and I have miles to go before I sleep.

Hint:heart with words of love are always open your key

Hint: Shoes!

#20 Grumble

Hint: Hello!

Hint: Hehehe They will never find me by this heart!

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