Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Magic Of A Snow Globe 0L Hunt
December1- December 31
 We have two hunts going from December 1- December 31. There are quite a few stores that are participating in both hunts. If you are wanting to hunt in both, you may want to check the stores so that you can do them at the same time and save some time and traveling. Happy Hunting!
Male Hint: While you wait, have a Coke!

Female Hint: All females love the Magic of a Sale!
Hint: Time to get the sewing machine out and mend that hem!
Hint: heat of the fire on Christmas Eve gives the story in your house
Male Hint: "When you find and wear it you're gonna look like a model "

Hint: A tiny snowman gave me a ride
         Soon I arrived on the other side.
         And when I was done with all my fun
         A Penguin took me back to where I begun.
Hint: Search for the globe, high and low, Where is it? IM Beyonce! She's knows!
Hint: Come, Like us on FACEBOOK!
Hint:  Does your nose glow??
Hint: Have you ever thought about blogging?
Hint:: "I love the smell of roses"
Hint: I am ticklish
No picture at this time.
 Hint: Everyone gets LUCKY during the holidays!

 Hint: "In the back dancing with friends
When the room is remodeled, it will be magical!
Thank you for hunting! Hope everyone had fun! Don't forget to check out Gazebos On Ice! Its a beautiful Winter Wonderland with 12 Gazebos rented out and packed with lots of great items! Gacha, freebies, sales, just to name a few of the many things we have to do and see here!


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