Thursday, April 30, 2015

PaJaMa PaRtY FuN 0L Hunt
May 20th - June 15
(Sponsors #2-#6)

Female: I love to hang out by the PJS

Same As Above

Male: Us pillows have to stick together!

#1 - These little guys are fast
                                                          #2 - I'll picnic with the clovers

Hint: Ooh think I will take a nap by this lovely flower!

Hint: Read All About It

Hi hunters first off a big thank you to Dawn Halberstadt. She was so nice to IM me and politely let me Now that I had boxed the Men’s gift in the lady’s hunt object. 
I am vary Sorry for any trouble this my have caused. I have fixed the hunt o\prize at the shop and sending you this replacements.  

Sorry for the trouble and happy hunting

       Lady's: I got his top and he can't have it back, it's warm and cozy much better then any Lingerie.                               

Hint: Men's: I found my pants behind the chair know were is my top?  she has it :)

Hint: Fun in the sun?

Store on hold for a bit, lease check back

check back please

Hint: Eggsactly the place I need to be!

Hint: We are on fire baby!!!!

Hint: "It's a matter of the heart"

Look at all the new hunts!

 Thank you to all of our Merchants and all of our customers! Please check Blog for updates!
Be nice and as always have fun!

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