Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Here are some of the images from the Good Witch Bad Witch 2 Hunt! 
Grab your List to find them all here:


  1. what happened to the turkey hunt?
    this isn't the first time a hunt has been posted on the website and has no hints in world or on the blog. no information or anything. then on the day it starts still no info.

    1. Hello, I am sorry.. For some reason I never get notifications of a comment and I just seen this one. We had the Turkey Hunt, there were NCs in world and a blog post as well. I did notice it was a little later the day of the hunt because I was having issues in RL as well as internet issues as I posted. Some times things happen and it may be a little later in the day. Also some times I may wait a little later on Merchants to get their NCs back to me. I am sorry this was a problem for you. I have seen this happen to other Organizers as well and it is just not avoidable some times. I hope you were able to do the hunt and I hope that you have done our other hunts since then, if not I invite you to please take the time to. Thanks KamieK