Thursday, September 17, 2015

Good Witch Bad Witch Hunt
September 20th - October 15Th

I will be "Lucky" if the witch doesn't find me here!

I am just hangin out under this pallet!

 Hint: They say that in this hour
                     the disembodied and witches have the power to wander!

#3 Sherbert 

Hint: Madness happens at the stroke of Midnight

 Hint:  Let's get some SHOES!

Hint: Amy LOVES Halloween!

Hint: What! These Boo Bottles only cost $33L

 Hint: Are you feeling blue?

 Hint: Hiding from the scary blue guy behind the couch!

No image at this time
Hint: Paint the town.

#10 IT! 

Hint: Take your broom and come up to see my Wild side

#11 Perfections 

Hint: Sky is the limit, so is the bowl. LOL

#12 Paule-icious 

OUCH! That's Hot!

#13....We are just gana skip this # for good luck! :) 

#14 JK Style

Hint: Crows need light in their home too!

#15 Zesty

Hint:  I saw a witch hanging her hat on my door, how rude!

 Thank you to all of our Merchants and all of our customers! Our Merchants work very hard to make items for our hunts, please let them know you appreciate all of their hard work.  Please check Blog regularly for updates!
Be nice and as always have fun!

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