Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Snowflakes Kiss 1L Hunt
December 1-December 31
We have two hunts going from December 1- December 31. There are quite a few stores that are participating in both hunts. If you are wanting to hunt in both, you may want to check the stores so that you can do them at the same time and save some time and traveling. Happy Hunting!
Female Hint: Take a walk outside in the snow, I Gacha now!
Male Hint: The snow is falling, no time to surf!
Female prize hint: "I'm such a flirt!"
Male prize hint: "Never underestimate the power of information"
Hint: All birds flocked to the Christmas tree come and see
Female Hint: " White can hide the snow "
Male Hint: " Near ice glass  you will find snow "
Hint:  Make sure to not get him wet.
Hint: The weather outside is frightful so come in and cozy up by something warm!
No picture at this time
Hint: Now THAT is a big snowflake!
Hint:  Sometimes you feel classy...other times sassy

Hint: Did I just see a zombie?
No picture at this time
Hint:  I hope this ivy is not the poison kind!
Hint: You can find me under the Stars, where you will be warm
Hint: Maybe I'll learn something here!
Hint: Don't leave anything on the table

Hint: Twinkle Twinkle _____________..
Find me where you hang your clothes!
Thank you for hunting! Hope everyone had fun! Don't forget to check out Gazebos On Ice! Its a beautiful Winter Wonderland with 12 Gazebos rented out and packed with lots of great items! Gacha, freebies, sales, just to name a few of the many things we have to do and see here!



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