Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kiss My Clover Hunt
Feb 20-March 15

Hint: I'm a Subscriber!

Same As Above
Hint: This was so Easel for me to climb.

Hint: Look up above a V

Hint: I'm hiding under the desk.

"So Much work, so little time. My desk stay cluttered with mess! Cant find anything!"

Hint: Clovers look good with roses right?

Hint: A natural woman is who I am

#7 IT!

Hint: "Fee-fi-fo-fum, i smell the luck of an irish one, coming from under this tree, where can that sneaky clover be?"

Hint: I'm with my friends

Hint: In case of fire...locate this sign to find the way out

Hint:  I'm just hanging around with my Twisted friend

#11 Grumble
Hint: The panda goes GROWL

Hint: look up and down and all around. so many things to see but where to find a mermaid.

Same Hint as above

Hint: I wonder if this beautiful Landscape could be Screening some kissing clovers?

Hint: ♫Somewhere Over The Rainbow...Way Up High!♫

#15 Baci
Lets Network!!

#16 Earth's
Hint: "Is that a clover on my paw?"

look out the window already spring comes and a lot of fun

Layers Hint: Look at all the Hunts & Events!

Thank you to all of our participants and customers. Be nice and as always have fun!

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