Sunday, December 20, 2015

Same Ol' Shit Different Year Hunt
December 20th - January 16th

Clean up in the Sale Isle please! 

Watch your step!

Shorts or PJs IDK both are comfy!

Hint : Right side in shoe corner

 "Sizzle baby!"

(2 Stops)
Under the truck... SAVE me going to be run over!

Behind a sign, you cannot find me.

#6 Prevail

Watch your step.... Going DOWN!

Not Ready

Hint:  It's happens everyday.

Hint:  Dont be afraid of No Ghost.

Hint;   SMILE...Your on candid camera :-D

Don't Open Til' Christmas Hunt
December 20th - December 31st

I am one Lucky Bow! 

Hint: You'll find me, when you find the candy cane

Hint: Gothic Casual!

Not Ready!

Hint: Nothing is better than to cuddle in front of a cosy fireplace !

Hint:  It's a Southern thing!

(2 Stops)

Hint: Hanging around in the center

If it were a snake it would bite you in the motorcycle shop.

Hint: Turn Around.

#9 Budget Friendly Designs
Not Ready

Hint: Talk to me if u need again your product