Monday, April 20, 2015

Fiesta De Tesoros 1L Hunt
Dates: 4/20-5/15

Hello Hunters! I am sorry this list is late. I have been off so much this past week for RL. (Unexpected things beyond my control)  I just wanted to let you know, I will be updating the list as I receive the rest of the hints and images. Please check back for updates and don't forget to slap the PS! Hunts & Events subscribe boards at the stores!

Hint: Look way up High, when you are shopping the Sales!

Same As Above

Hint: I'm FREE!

Hint: Why can't a zombie be a Mariachi?

"I am behind on my reading."

Check Back Please

Hint: Hiding under an umbrella!

 Hint: Womans; Oh no! I lost my sombrero looking at the beautiful flowers.

Hint: men or boys all was showing off hope they don't fall

Hint: 4."I gacha under my skin"

Hint: 1. " I got faith"

Hint: 2. "Where my heart is"

Hint: 3."And we"ll never be royals ..."

Hint: Thumbs Up!!

Hint: Instead of a fiesta, i think i'll just lay on this lounge chair

Hint: I can not wait for the next Expo In The Walls Event!

Thank you to all of our Merchants and all of our customers! Be nice and as always have fun!

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