Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hey! No Pincin! Hunt
February 20th - March 16th

I am so lucky to have found the New Sales!

Love these Awareness Nails

Must be in time out! I am in the corner!

Hint: Could Harley have known St. Patrick?

Hint: A cup of tea?

Hint: I'm tripping over my feet

Hint: A nice reception 

Hint: Landmark Giver

Hint: At the counter - Please excuse our mess - remodeling.

Hint: Crabs have stolen me gold!

Hint:walking on these is like walking over the rainbow

Hint:walking on these is like walking over the rainbow

Hint: Are you feeling lucky today?

Hint: Keeping Up with Lady D... You would join this.. 

Hint: "All around the world"

Hint: "Oink, Oink!"

Hint: Don't get pinched by the zipper!

Hint: Dragons are very lucky

Hint: You sleep in these

Hint:it is necessary to look for a bird that grabbed gift

Hint: It must be my lucky day to find such a discount deal.

Hint: I like Corn

Hint: Where lots of Irish and Green can be found, outfits of many cultures abound!

Hint: Flowers Flowers and More Flowers 

This bench makes an awesome nap place

This thing gives out freebies??? COOL! I am staying here.

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