Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hi Ho Hunt
Runs from August 20 ~ September 16

Hang a left and look for me close to the floor!

Stripes and Hearts is all I see!

So tired but trying to get Lucky!

Hint: Sleeping On The Job 

Hint: Find the Pathways

Hint: The Break is can be so much fun !!!!

Hint: Rock those Tootsies

Stuck between A Sale and A Gacha!

Hint: Working in the snow

Hint:  Nothing like healthy eating fresh from the garden

What if I work in front of cameras

The boss doesn't mind if I sit here.

I've been working so hard, I'm seeing stars!

Hint: See the witches on your break

A big thank you to all of our Customers and Merchants! I have so much fun setting up for our hunts and events! Be nice and as always have fun!!!!!

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