Thursday, May 19, 2016

What? What? Do What You Want Hunt
May 20 ~ June 16

Vendors, vendors, everywhere!

Anchors away!

Redelivery anyone?

Hint: Oh my gacha

Hint: It's on the top floor

Hint: I hang out above the clouds 

Scandal Fashions Facebook
Please Check Back

Hint: These make great gifts!

Hint: Look For PS! Hunts & Events.. 

No Image
Hint: So cheeky!

Hint: "Tea or Coffee, that is the question"

Please Check Back

Hint: Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

Hint: I'm fashonable and I like to be updated

Dropped From Hunt

No Image
Hint: What?....Music?

So many Hunts & Events, so little time!

Hint: A quiet spot to rest while shopping


Hint:  I'm blue and I'm on fire!

Please Check Back

Hint:  Watch out for that Mary.  She sure is scary!

Hint: on the display of Ecstasy Penguin Shirt Woman

Hint: A little birdy told me where it is! Maybe she'll tell you too?


Hint: What do you wanna do with your life?  I wanna "ROCK"!!!
Look for the Lapointe Lover's Rock, there you will find what you want!!

Look Up!

Please Check Back

No Image
Hint: you spin me right round

Hint: I could just hang around.... but here I am with all the rest of my relatives!

Hint: I been framed!

Hint: Would you do a dive in a big Cocktail Glass?

Hint: You never know what you will get in a gacha. 

Hint:  Let those BELLS ring out loud and clear


Hint: Some Bunny Loves You

Hint: "Watch the Sea"

Thank you for joining us! A big thank you to all of our Customers and all of our Merchants! Be nice and as always have fun!

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