Tuesday, April 19, 2016

See Ya! mini Vacation Hunt
April 20 ~ May 16

Join The group Ya'll!

These Daisies Are So Pretty!

Shorts! Shorts! Shorts!

You will never find me in the corner under the stairs!

Hint: Looking out the window and staring at the water has me ready to pack up and head to the lake.

Hint: God of Appliers & Huds.... OMEGA

Hint: Getting popcorn for the in-flight movie.

Hint: I'll be sure to send you one while Im on vacation.

Hint: you wild animal

Hint:  Pages gave way to electronics like rotary gave way to the digital age.

Hint: Gacha

Hint: I'm very comfortable

I love to LAUGH!

Hint:  I think I left my suitcase in the dressing room..

Hint: I hope it can't get out of it's cage!!!

Hint:  Pink lemonade is great on a hot summer's day!

Hint: Wow! A new gift of Goor Fashion shop!

hint: I like to lay by the pool

Hint: There is always SUPER SALES on the WEEKENDS.  Seek them out to get your next prize.

Hint: You might want more than just one pair of flip flops for this trip!

Hint: Grab that LM! 

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